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As our facilities reopen, we are employing new safety measures to protect you and our caregivers including universal mask use, temperature testing, social distancing, employee COVID-19 testing, visitor restrictions and keeping our COVID-19 symptomatic patients separated from other patients. Nothing is more important to us than you.

Clean Hands. Healthy Kids. Happy Parents.

If you have or work with little ones, you know keeping them germ-free is nearly impossible. Kids love to touch, explore, and engage with the world around them which means they can be exposed to hundreds of thousands of germs in a single day! The good news is that washing up with soap and clean running water can prevent the spread of illness and keep your kids healthy, even in a world filled with germs.

Protect Your Kids From Classroom Germs

Warding off sickness during the fall and winter months can be a challenge. As colds and flu run wild, schools can be an epicenter of bacteria and infection. Encourage your children to share ideas — not germs — in the classroom, so they can stay happy and healthy this season.

Preventing Cold and Flu Could be in the Palm of Your Hands

Vitamin C. Rest. Getting your annual flu shot. These are great ways to help prevent cold and flu, but one of the best ways to prevent spreading germs and coming down with these bugs lies right in the palm of your hands, with a little soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer…

Stop Germs in Their Tracks With Fun Handwashing Tips for Kids

Kids love to touch and feel the world around them. They explore new objects, play with unfamiliar toys and cherish favorite stuffed animals all while using their hands. They show their affection and love with hugs and kisses. Those sweet hands are full of love and learning…

Go to School or Stay Home: Your Guide to Colds, Coughs and Flu

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell when your child is too sick to go to school. If they’re violently ill, vomiting, running a high fever, or have a contagious condition like pink eye, then you’ll want to keep them home. Unfortunately, it’s not always that straightforward. After you’ve spent a night tossing and turning because they have a scratchy throat…

The Best Thing You Can Do to Protect Your Child From the Flu

Every year we know it’s coming, but we’re never quite prepared for it. When we see the autumn spice of fall all around us, there’s also something not-so-nice lurking around the corner: flu season. Our experts urge you to take the flu seriously and do the single most important thing to protect your family this year: don’t delay in getting your children their flu vaccine…


Yes, You Washed Your Hands… But Is That Enough?

Washing your hands is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Many diseases and conditions are spread by not washing with soap and water. If soap and water aren’t available, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a good alternative…

Cold or Flu – How to Tell the Difference

Cold and flu season is here. While both can put a damper on your whole health, the flu is far more serious. So, if you start to feel the sniffles or the heat of a fever boiling up, we have some quick tips to help you know the difference and get the right care from the right place in the right time…

Ah-Choo! Battling the Cold and Flu

There are a couple of factors at play, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes it’s because we spend more time inside around other people when it’s cold outside. It makes sense that you’ll be exposed to more viruses when the weather is chilly, which is why the winter months are known as “cold and flu season.”